Delivering power in times of crisis

Let’s face it – 2020 was not a picnic. A global pandemic forced unprecedented changes in society and on the markets. The resulting economic crisis challenged governments and businesses. Another waves of coronavirus make our times hard for many companies. They are fighting to not perish, to keep their position, and find innovative ways forward.

The question is, should they continue to recruit during times of crisis? Is it reasonable to hire in such an unstable global situation? The answer is yes. Hard times need the right people to support the organization, deliver new driving power, and help navigate into calmer waters.

Who are the right people?

Experts from GE Hunter, international headhunting advisors, recommend carefully plan the recruitment process, considering that both global top-notch companies, as well as small and medium firms, need to focus on remarkable key features the candidates should have, like team working, flexibility, and an open mind.

It means the employer expects thinking out of the box and putting oneself in a position of a task owner who can bring unexpected, innovative solutions. These are not times for conservative, old-way thinking traditionalists. 

Flexible, well-adapting people are needed to drive the company forward. We cannot forget that corporate culture changed drastically with the remote work, and the virtual world replacing the good old “kitchen culture” when team building happened naturally along with social contacts at coffee break.

Social isolation is a source of frustration for employers but at the same time gives the possibility to the flexible, inventive leaders, letting them find new ways to consolidate teams, motivate and lead them to achieve business goals. We could say that it builds the organization’s culture capable to change much quicker than in the past, as the adaptation to the current requirements is critical to survival.

Who are the right leaders for the tough times?

When people are isolated, social distance grows, and the sense of security lowers, it is important to have strong, resourceful leaders. The features the employers are looking for are being passionate about the job but at the same time emotionally balanced, able to lead, and engage other teammates. Solution-oriented people can shape the organization’s goals and schemes, for example, towards e-platforms and new ways of virtual communication, which is essential in times of pandemic. So the outcome should be acting together even when being physically miles apart. 

The leader should act as a role model, shape the organization from the inside, and help create a unique corporate environment. A positive attitude is equally important as a strong track record of sustainable results. GE Hunter experts advise to seek for leaders who do not wait for others to make a decision, but shape the goals and implement activities to go forward. 

How to find the right candidates?

These general thoughts described above should be transformed into precisely written requirements, and that cannot be done without advanced analytic tools, as the House of Talent (original concept of GE Hunter). 

GE Hunter experts, as experienced advisors, will help to find the best matching leaders to lead the projects, the departments, or the whole of the companies.

It is crucial to search proactively for the right candidates instead of waiting for them to come to the hiring company. The perfect match could be somewhere out there, not knowing that there is an ideal job post for him or her. 

GE Hunter has developed, over the years, a wide contact network and advanced ways of reaching and attracting talents to use them as a source of valuable candidates. 

The companies could need fresh blood, but some are in a difficult situation, being forced to fire rather than hire. It is a matter of looking objectively and thinking out-of-the-box. 

It may result that hiring the exactly right person, good leader, agile decisionmaker, and seasoned specialist, would push the company on new roads, bringing a perspective to leave hard times behind. 

The question is not “can you survive without having the right people on board?” the question is “how to find them?”. The answer can be found here and here.


House of Talent – how it works? Part III

One of the “House of Talent” participants share her experience with GE Hunter original tool:

“When GE Hunt invited me to their program “House of Talent”, I was very excited and curious about the tool “Activate your driving power” helping to find a perfect job match.
The first exercise was about defining my superpowers. When I had to write it down (vs. “thinking over in my head”) it helped me a lot to arrange my career achievements, strengths and finally specify my value which I can offer to a new company.
Secondly, I was asked by GE Hunter to think of my dream companies (10-20 companies), the ones in which I would love to work. But I had to justify my choice, and specify what added value I would bring to each of them.
That kicked me out of my routine. I started to think about the companies operating out of the pharmaceutical business in which I worked for 15 years and think through what I could bring to a company from my wish list.
The process I conducted together with GE Hunter played an active role in my searching for a new job. I was acting proactively, not just responding to posted job offers. “Activate your driving power” tool helps to find a perfect match beneficial both for a candidate and a company.”

Marketing Manager, who after 15 years in pharma business decided to explore new sectors.

House of Talent – how it works? Part II

Paweł Hajduga talks about his experience with GE Hunter’s House of Talent:

“Elwira Kostka from GE Hunter was very supportive when I decided to search for new job opportunities on the market.
She invited me to the House of Talent and encouraged me to think about what my future “dream company” could be.
I wrote down a list of companies that I believed I could match.

I must admit that the next step was difficult. I was supposed to understand and explain why those companies are important to me, and what value I could potentially bring them. It required putting together all my experience and looking at my professional future in terms of further development, my personal and professionals goals, and finally to understand what drives me forward.

The tool called by GE Hunter ‘Activate your driving power’ helped me a lot in answering some crucial questions and inspired me by structuring my thoughts.”

House of Talent – how it works? Joanna Gałecka-Malczyk talks about how she got her dream job.

Why have you decided to entrust your career to GE Hunter?

Both in business and private life, everything is based on trust. I was happy to discover that GE Hunter experts are not only headhunters but also personal advisors helping throughout the entire recruitment process. 

What encourages my trust for them is the “beyond the market” activity, i.e. a comprehensive preparation of the candidate for the recruitment process emphasizing high self-awareness of strengths and at the same time a very broad knowledge of important people in the organization. It relates to the candidate’s ability to match the company’s environment and is a key element in the process of job change. GE Hunter initiates projects when a certain position appears on the market and they know a properly matched person who addresses customer expectations. This may mean a tedious and exhausting process but it gives great results.

How GE Hunter helped you to prepare for change? 

The work on the process using the ACTIVATE YOUR DRIVING POWER model was the most difficult presentation I had to do. Days spent on my questionnaire were all hard work, which made me realize what I expect from the employer, what I am presenting myself, what I am missing and how to tell about myself so that others know all they need to “buy” me. The presentation consists of several slides on which you summarize your life, not only professional but also some private details. Although for years I have been following a conscious professional path, such an exercise allowed me to define more clearly for whom and who I want to work with. But all this is just the beginning of hard work together with GE Hunter’s advisor.

What was your goal?

My goal was to get into a company from the top 40 in the world and at the same time to a company with a specific dynamic and open communication environment. The sector wasn’t one of the most popular ones either, what’s more, during the pandemic period it was even in the lead of those to be reduced…

How GE Hunter helped you to embrace new challenges?

It has to be emphasized that the workload on both sides was comparable. Together with GE Hunter, we tried to find a company, but also a position that would meet my professional expectations. Together we tried to reach out to the decision-makers. And the pandemic period didn’t help the process. Getting the first contact alone lasted 2 months and ended, one could say, with the first small success, an invitation to an interview with GM. At first, everything was going perfectly… Until the moment when in the middle of the conversation I found out that the position for which we submitted papers is cut out. It seemed that all was over. But to my surprise, the process moved on. Eventually, it turned out that with my competencies I perfectly fit into the needs of the organization, and the position was created especially for me.

Do you think it is worth working with a professional headhunter?

Cooperation with GE Hunter certainly gave me a feeling of safety, but mostly I felt their professionalism in a way I was presented to the organization. We succeeded with me getting into the company from the top 40, on a tailor-made position. And this is what shows the value of such cooperation. Value of activating my power to drive forward my job search.

What is the House of Talent?

The House of Talent is a unique, original concept developed by GE Hunter to keep up with the most talented candidates to activate their driving power. It rests on working closely and proactively with talented individuals. We offer them guidance on the road to self-development and help them find a dream job or challenge their professional status. 

The concept consists of three steps. In the first step, the GE Hunter expert assesses the candidate to help discover one’s strengths and weaknesses. It takes a series of interviews.

GE Hunter experts get to know the candidate, trying to discover what type of organizational culture he or she will fit, letting talents thrive and achieve the next levels of leadership. 

The candidates have an opportunity to see their professional future in terms of further development, determining goals, and understanding their motivations. All those factors compose the driving power of the candidate, the assets he or she can offer to the employer. 

In the next steps, we sketch a plan of action and start a broad, proactive campaign to support the candidate in all types of job searching activities: upgrading the curriculum, screening the market for opportunities, and finally presenting candidates to possible, well-considered employers, tailored to candidate’s needs.

House of Talents – stages:

1. Assessment

At this stage, we help candidates discover their strengths and weaknesses, and we show them how they will develop on the way to success. 

Assessments and strategy planning an active dream job search are made during the series of interview sessions.

2. Coaching and mentorship

GE Hunter experts stay in touch with the talent to help keep the career on the right track. We support the candidates in their process of self-development and thinking of future aspirations. It includes working on the following issues:

  • Preparing the professional CV that reflects and highlights the candidates achievements on the career ladder up to date
  • Preparation for interviews, in general, and in particular (in the recruitment process)
  • Delivering market updates concerning interesting positions and companies in various countries
  • Providing market salary feedback 
  • Providing information about the chosen company culture (matching and checking)
  • Stay in touch and thus becoming a coach for the candidate on the long journey

3. Career plans and guidelines

With solid background professionally prepared on the previous stages, the candidate is ready to move forward immediately or planning his/her long-term career. But GE Hunter provides further assistance in executing the dream-job search activities when a candidate has long-distance plans. Our help covers:

  • Mentoring and supporting the perception of the talents themselves and future choices
  • Planning career steps through continuous brainstorming, challenging the status quo, and shifting from the thinking mood into action mode with the plan of activating driving power
  • Based on the agreed and tailored strategy plan, presenting to clients through the House of Talent introduction to companies

Welcome to the House of Talent!

House of Talent helps to understand the real abilities of the candidates. It allows us to match people with perfect positions, making the most of their connection. We know that the right candidate, with his or her experience and attitude, will fill the gap in the company, adding real value by delivering a new driving power to the organization and people around.

TRUST Concept at a glance

Our mission is to provide headhunting services tailored perfectly to Your needs. In our relationships with clients, we base on trust and confidence. That’s how we can understand the very core of the organization and prepare the strategy for making the best match for the position.

The trust is also a foundation of our relations with candidates, as they believe we find them a place to realize their passion, ambitions, and long term aspirations.

We have proven that it is an effective way of working. Our candidates go up the career ladder and stay within the companies for an average time of four years. 

Our secret weapon is the TRUST concept, an acronym for Talent, Research, Understanding, Solution, and Timing.


T – for Talent

We can find talents who are not even seeking jobs actively. We work with the employer to define the position requirements with precision and deep consideration. We think out of the box, searching in non-obvious places, thanks to our big contact network and original tools, like the House of Talents. We can find experts from the most extraordinary fields of expertise, from various countries, and different cultures. Just the talents you need. 


R – for Research

We work with candidates every day. Every time we approach a wide range of candidates, targeting already established contacts and companies agreed in the strategy. We go even further – we approach inactive candidates, quite happy with their current positions. But life is all about change, isn’t it?

Every candidate is exceptional to us, but we treat all of them fairly and individually. Our experience and knowledge are crucial for understanding the needs of both sides of the process, as we work to match them in the best possible way, bringing synergy effects. 


U – for Understanding

Yes, understanding plays a key role in our approach to the client’s needs. We have 20 years of experience in the market, and we are closely keeping an eye on the trends. Organization philosophy, mission, atmosphere, structure, scope of business, we don’t miss a thing when building up a strategy of finding the perfectly matching candidate. We facilitate cultural transitions with sense and tactfulness. We put great care into confidentiality matters. 


S – for Solution

We think out-of-the-box to find the best candidate. When the client challenges us, the better. We can run our creativity and flexibility mode and prepare a solution tailored to our client needs. To fully understand the situation and ensure consistency, we work with the same person during the whole process. We coordinate with the briefing sessions and prepare weekly reports to keep the client up with the progress.  


T – for Timing

Proper timing is essential. To achieve the best results in a reasonable time, we need to plan every step carefully. 

With wide resources at hand, and following the agreed strategy, we can conduct our research by quickly identifying people who are potentially interested in the position.

We can present a shortlist within four weeks.

The interview process is subject to employer availability to meet the candidates. With good cooperation, we can complete this task within two weeks. When we commit, we deliver on time. 


You do not get trust in one minute. You need to earn it, and we know we can do it. 

When we successfully select the best matching candidate for the organization we see it as a win-win, for all of us, the candidate, the company, and the headhunter. It works when we trust each other. 

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