What is ``House of Talents``?

The House of Talents concept has always existed, as working closely with respected and talented individuals has continuously been at the forefront of how we operate. Support and guidance are very much at the heart of what we offer our candidates, whilst they are on the road of self-development and advancement in their desired field.
We have now created more structured benefits and values that apply to the exclusive “House of Talents“, where candidates will get the opportunity to develop future plans to reach their ambitions and aspirations, so that they can fulfil their professional dreams.

Three step program

1. Assessment

This will help the talent to discover their strengths and weaknesses and will show how they can be further developed into the next steps, on the way to success.
This is conducted during the planned sessions:

  • Interview session.
  • Test tools session.

2. Coaching and mentorship

Staying in touch with GE Hunter will help the talent make sure their career is on the right track and that they are confident and open for transparent discussions.
During our communication, our members can benefit from:

  • CV upgrade support.
  • Preparation for interviews, in general or particular.
  • Preparation for an interview in general, or in relation to a particular job opportunity.
  • Market updates related to interested function/ companies/ countries.
  • Market salary information.
  • Information about company culture (matching and checking).

3. Career plans and guidelines

Making it on the basis of a solid and professionally prepared background increases the possibility of actually realizing it and we will support talent with:

  • Testing, supporting the perception of the talents themselves and future choices made.
  • Career plan steps, brainstorming and further support.
  • Presenting to clients, upon agreement.

Deep understanding

House of Talents helps us to understand real drivers and potentials of candidates.
This allows us to successfully select right people to right positions.
We might have 2 candidates with the same level of competences but only one of them is the one who will be happy within that particular company and will add real value to the organization.

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