What is Talent Map and Track?

Talent Map & Track is for clients who like a better knowledge of what talents are available in the market for future roles and this is either known or not yet fully defined. By working proactively, it saves time and cost.  It also gives valuable insight into the market in general but also gives important information about how the client is perceived.
By working with GE Hunter in a tailor-made process, the client will have the best talents identified which match the client requirements and culture, a plan to stay in touch with the talents, another channel to increase the brand awareness of the client and the ability to gain a better understanding of which factors are the drivers in the specific market or region.

Benefits for the clients

1. Talent mapping

  • A sustainable flow of high potential candidates, who are available for recruitment at any time.
  • Meet the mapping, benchmarking and talent pipeline needed in a cost-efficient process.
  • Be ahead of the competitors across the region – resulting in the creation of a commercially-orientated talent pool.
  • An insurance to decrease potential staff turnover and avoid long lead-times for finding replacements.
  • Create an external succession plan to enhance and support internal plan.
  • Save on both “management down time” and recruitment costs, in the long term.
  • Being approached by a head-hunter on behalf of the client is, by experience, very appreciated.
  • The ability of having an external partner handling the process, that could otherwise be inappropriate and difficult to manage internally.

2. Brand building

  • By experience, virtually everyone thinks this type of exercise is an excellent PR activity – popularising the client amongst the “leading company names” in the market.
  • Being in touch and engaged with a high number of talents and delivering a high-quality branding message about the client.
  • Connecting and spreading the client message as an innovative and forward-thinking organisation and, in addition to the approached people, also conducting in-depth interviews with the best ones.
  • Understand the client position in the market, in relation to the main competitors from the people/ labour point of view.
  • Understand the key factors of why the client is attracting people, as well the factors why talents are hesitating to join the company.

3. Market knowledge

  • Understand the trends and drivers in the specific market.

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