December 18, 2020 GE Hunter

House of Talent – how it works? Part III

One of the “House of Talent” participants share her experience with GE Hunter original tool:

“When GE Hunt invited me to their program “House of Talent”, I was very excited and curious about the tool “Activate your driving power” helping to find a perfect job match.
The first exercise was about defining my superpowers. When I had to write it down (vs. “thinking over in my head”) it helped me a lot to arrange my career achievements, strengths and finally specify my value which I can offer to a new company.
Secondly, I was asked by GE Hunter to think of my dream companies (10-20 companies), the ones in which I would love to work. But I had to justify my choice, and specify what added value I would bring to each of them.
That kicked me out of my routine. I started to think about the companies operating out of the pharmaceutical business in which I worked for 15 years and think through what I could bring to a company from my wish list.
The process I conducted together with GE Hunter played an active role in my searching for a new job. I was acting proactively, not just responding to posted job offers. “Activate your driving power” tool helps to find a perfect match beneficial both for a candidate and a company.”

Marketing Manager, who after 15 years in pharma business decided to explore new sectors.

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