June 8, 2021 GE Hunter

Recruited by robots

The world embraces the new technological advances, the digitalization era changes society in many ways from social interactions to work culture. It is not surprising that automation and artificial intelligence has found their way to HR and recruitment processes. The tools that allow screening social media profiles, finding candidates, collecting data, verifying applicants on the first stages, may increase the effectiveness of the process. How it affects the work of head hunters?

Some artificial intelligence-based tools are prepared to scan applications within minutes instead of hours. Predictive performance testing and skill assessments might be useful during the screening process to identify specific knowledge and skills. Unilever for example uses gamification and video interview through AI systems of game applications to measure the candidates’ qualities, including memory, contextual clues, and concentration. Special platforms simplify the preliminary interviews as HireVue’s software that uses video recording to conduct the interview without the use of recruitment partners or Mya, an AI recruiting assistant designed by FirstJob, which is a chatbot that interacts with applicants to clarify requirements, answer inquiries, and updates on job status while delivering 24/7 support through text, email, and skype.

Mentioned tools based on the algorithms can be helpful in repeatable activities but what if we incorporate the humanized AI into the process? It instantly brings the vision of robots taking over the world. Are robot headhunters possible and do they have the potential to replace humans?  Actually, there is Helena, a robot headhunter created and designed by an artificial intelligence start-up company, Woo. It uses AI and machine learning to find candidates Helena is designed to offer a rapid approach that demands quick responses. To increase the adaptation of Helena to business operations, it is reinforced with employer feedback and machine learning that allows for constant improvements to meet the needs of the clients.

Even with the AI so advanced, the question remains – is it possible to replace a human head hunter?

We will try to answer in the next chapter.

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