TRUST concept

Our philosophy and operations in headhunting are entirely engrained in trust. It connects members and guarantees the ability to act together and this is where GE Hunter can help by partnering.
It is imperative that we gain the trust from our candidates, in order to successfully place them and that employers trust us as partners, as we passionately work with integrity and care, maintaining standards to deliver rewarding results that empower businesses. Working in this way has proven to be effective, with the average time of four years for our placed candidates staying with a company.
All companies require leaders with personality, strength and determination, the ability to attract crowds, efficient managers with the ability to cope with any difficulties in achieving targets, and specialists in various stages of implementing strategies. We are experienced in effectively sourcing and managing such talent, which is why we utilize a TRUST concept – an acronym of Talent, Research, Understanding, Solution and Timing, following the principles.

T – for Talent

Ability to attract inactive candidates. Honest and open in communication. A never give up; attitude.


When the markets are more competitive than ever, it is crucial for companies to employ the best talent possible. As we are connected to new high quality talent on a daily basis, we know their full background, as we meet them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, their key drivers and motivations.

This method of communication, and the role of the mentor that we take, allows us to identify ways to improve strengths and weaknesses, so that candidates are fully prepared for career progression.

R – for Research

Tailored and strategic approach towards people. Sensitive handling of confidential issues. Honest and open communication.


As recruitment is a business that involves people from different cultures, backgrounds and positions, it can be a somewhat sensitive matter. We therefore have a Code of Ethics that we always follow – we always approach a wide range of candidates, targeting already established contacts and companies agreed in the strategy. To us, every candidate is exceptional but all are treated equally and individually.
Every project is tailored to the specific needs of our client, their culture and values, as you may have only one candidate who is finally the best match. We also work on attracting inactive candidates, presenting them with new options for future development.

U – for Understanding

20 years of experience and market trend awareness. Understanding of Client motivation and needs. Possess “know how”.


We acknowledge that each company has its own work culture and dynamic. The role of a true headhunter is not only about finding a good professional but also about identifying with a certain company. It is essential to understand their personality, to understand in what environment and under what kind of management structure they perform best in.

In addition to this, working closely with the client allows us to fully understand the correct approach, and necessary requirements, to work freely in assisting them with their brief.

S – for Solution

Out-of-the-box thinking. Creative approach to business challenges. Ability to provide solutions in line with your needs.


Our aim is to find solutions to individual situations, whilst being flexible and adopting an “out of the box” thinking style. Being flexible with our time and approach, allows us to be creative and to meet the expectations of the clients. In order to fully understand and offer the best solution to our client, we work with the same person during the whole process. This ensures consistency, as meeting the same person in the company and having understood all details of the client’s way of working does; the briefing session co-ordinates the whole search process and meets and assesses all the potential candidates. We then prepare a weekly report on all activities taken, to make our client aware of the progress made and to gain confidence.

T – for Timing

Efficiency available from the start. Results are evident within 4 weeks Delivery on time.


Good timing takes great effort, backstage communication and planning and, at GE Hunter, we are key advocates of this strategy.

Having strong resources at hand, and following the agreed strategy, we conduct our research by quickly identifying people who are potentially interested in the position, from the market, functional, and geographical, points of view. Based on these activities, we guarantee the presentation of a shortlist within 4 weeks.

The interview process is subject to employer planning and their availability to meet the candidates.  However, it is our objective that this should be completed within 2 weeks. It is our obligation to meet all deadlines and we take pride in actually delivering on time.

You don't get trust in one minute

It’s all about trust. Trust between you and us. Trust between company and employee. We understand that to gain such trust is a process and, once it is achieved, it is possible to understand the organizational culture and the way of working with employers and candidates.
That is the key – to be able to successfully select the best matching person and the company with a win – win approach.
When we trust each other, it is much easier to understand the all-important difference between what the clients say they want and what they truly need.

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