June 29, 2021 GE Hunter

Human version of artificial intelligence as support in the recruitment process

The dynamic development of technology affects every area of life, and its skilful use can bring benefits to any industry. However, this topic is treated with a certain distance and reserve, especially in areas based on human-to-human contact. The question arises whether by opting for technology in the recruitment process, we will not lose this intuition, characteristic of people, resulting from personal experience, which the machine and algorithm will never replace?

Hearing the concept of artificial intelligence, we imagine a row of seemingly unrelated numbers or a robot straight from Star Wars. Taught by science-fiction movies, we fear the rebellion of machines and the consequences of human error. We forget that artificial intelligence is actually simulating programs that can be a support in the daily work of a headhunter. There are a number of applications based on artificial intelligence systems that are designed to quickly search, compare and pre-select candidates in terms of their qualifications, experience or education. Specially dedicated software is able to trace profiles on social media, collect data and perform initial verification of candidates. Other applications, in turn, will check the concentration, memory and the possibility of cause-and-effect matching of applicants.

Modern technological solutions are to save the most sought-after currency, that is time. Chatbots and specially prepared platforms are adapted to be available 24 hours a day for candidates taking part in the recruitment and to provide them with the highest quality content. We can ask ourselves if technology has advanced so much, will we be able to use the robot to conduct a real job interview? The Israeli start-up Woo has designed a headhunter robot named Helena, based on artificial intelligence. Its task is to find a candidate and quickly recruit him. The robot receives feedback from the employer, and its software can be adapted to the needs of the recruiting party.

Technological support, facilitation and acceleration of time-consuming processes is certainly very tempting. However, will the algorithm ever replace the experience and intuition that is of paramount importance in GE Hunter? We believe that what distinguishes us on the market are our specialists, listening to the needs of customers and finding candidates who not only match the company’s profile, but also complement the organization with their personality. The algorithm will quickly find the right employee, but at GE Hunter we only believe in lasting relationships and that is why we will do our best to get to know you as much as possible and we will take the time to find someone for you with whom you will stay longer.

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