January 15, 2021 GE Hunter

Delivering power in times of crisis

Let’s face it – 2020 was not a picnic. A global pandemic forced unprecedented changes in society and on the markets. The resulting economic crisis challenged governments and businesses. Another waves of coronavirus make our times hard for many companies. They are fighting to not perish, to keep their position, and find innovative ways forward.

The question is, should they continue to recruit during times of crisis? Is it reasonable to hire in such an unstable global situation? The answer is yes. Hard times need the right people to support the organization, deliver new driving power, and help navigate into calmer waters.

Who are the right people?

Experts from GE Hunter, international headhunting advisors, recommend carefully plan the recruitment process, considering that both global top-notch companies, as well as small and medium firms, need to focus on remarkable key features the candidates should have, like team working, flexibility, and an open mind.

It means the employer expects thinking out of the box and putting oneself in a position of a task owner who can bring unexpected, innovative solutions. These are not times for conservative, old-way thinking traditionalists. 

Flexible, well-adapting people are needed to drive the company forward. We cannot forget that corporate culture changed drastically with the remote work, and the virtual world replacing the good old “kitchen culture” when team building happened naturally along with social contacts at coffee break.

Social isolation is a source of frustration for employers but at the same time gives the possibility to the flexible, inventive leaders, letting them find new ways to consolidate teams, motivate and lead them to achieve business goals. We could say that it builds the organization’s culture capable to change much quicker than in the past, as the adaptation to the current requirements is critical to survival.

Who are the right leaders for the tough times?

When people are isolated, social distance grows, and the sense of security lowers, it is important to have strong, resourceful leaders. The features the employers are looking for are being passionate about the job but at the same time emotionally balanced, able to lead, and engage other teammates. Solution-oriented people can shape the organization’s goals and schemes, for example, towards e-platforms and new ways of virtual communication, which is essential in times of pandemic. So the outcome should be acting together even when being physically miles apart. 

The leader should act as a role model, shape the organization from the inside, and help create a unique corporate environment. A positive attitude is equally important as a strong track record of sustainable results. GE Hunter experts advise to seek for leaders who do not wait for others to make a decision, but shape the goals and implement activities to go forward. 

How to find the right candidates?

These general thoughts described above should be transformed into precisely written requirements, and that cannot be done without advanced analytic tools, as the House of Talent (original concept of GE Hunter). 

GE Hunter experts, as experienced advisors, will help to find the best matching leaders to lead the projects, the departments, or the whole of the companies.

It is crucial to search proactively for the right candidates instead of waiting for them to come to the hiring company. The perfect match could be somewhere out there, not knowing that there is an ideal job post for him or her. 

GE Hunter has developed, over the years, a wide contact network and advanced ways of reaching and attracting talents to use them as a source of valuable candidates. 

The companies could need fresh blood, but some are in a difficult situation, being forced to fire rather than hire. It is a matter of looking objectively and thinking out-of-the-box. 

It may result that hiring the exactly right person, good leader, agile decisionmaker, and seasoned specialist, would push the company on new roads, bringing a perspective to leave hard times behind. 

The question is not “can you survive without having the right people on board?” the question is “how to find them?”. The answer can be found here and here.


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