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The headhunter’s intuition is the key to success

In the recruitment process, solutions using modern technologies are starting to appear more and more often. Artificial intelligence can support the selection of candidates, in the first contact with them, and even in the initial psychological tests, during which the software is even able to capture the emotions of the candidates. It all sounds very tempting, but you should ask yourself whether, thanks to such a huge technological leap, we will not lose something that we have gained and developed for a long time, namely the experience and individual approach to the candidate?

The values ​​that we have developed at GE Hunter to a master level. Automation, which can improve the recruiter’s work, make it more efficient, and thus take it to a different level, will certainly support the initial stage of recruitment. However, this only applies to those candidates who are actively looking for a job. No application can catch a huge group of people who are invisible in the automatic recruitment process. The question is whether even the most advanced artificial intelligence will be able to find and identify people who are not looking for a job, recognize their skills and, most importantly, encourage them to talk and, consequently, to change their place of work and start a new stage in their life? At this point, the role of the headhunter is crucial. GE Hunter experts are actively looking for ideal candidates, and thanks to many years of experience, approach and network of contacts, they achieve the intended goals. A headhunter made of flesh and blood will always be distinguished from artificial intelligence by the human element. Yes, the software will select the best candidate in terms of his competences and achievements, but the employer is looking for more than that. Only man can find this elusive element. The recruiter spends time getting to know the candidate, forging an emotional bond with him, which brings results in the form of mutual trust. Due to the fact that the candidate is given time, his doubts as to the offer are dispelled. They arise strong foundations on which fruitful cooperation will be built. Headhunters search for pearls among masses of people, establish contact, and consequently create a relationship with strong foundations. The new employee is not only the missing element of the organization, but a complement that brings the synergy effect. An experienced headhunter intuitively feels that he has found the perfect person and will actively advise the employer on how to use his strengths, even if it means changing the structure of the department to fill the resulting place with the right candidate. Dynamics, constant search – this is the specificity of a recruiter’s work. Observation of the market, the situation in the world, new trends, changes in society, as well as the emergence of new industries creates a field for a constant flow of candidates. It is not people who are waiting for a signal from the headhunter, it is he who is actively looking for those who do not know yet that they want to be found. In other words, it is not about filling the gap mechanically, but about carefully searching for the right personality that will complete the organization and become its new driving force, and help the candidate himself to spread his wings in a new position.

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