House of Talent – how it works? Part II

Paweł Hajduga talks about his experience with GE Hunter’s House of Talent:

“Elwira Kostka from GE Hunter was very supportive when I decided to search for new job opportunities on the market.
She invited me to the House of Talent and encouraged me to think about what my future “dream company” could be.
I wrote down a list of companies that I believed I could match.

I must admit that the next step was difficult. I was supposed to understand and explain why those companies are important to me, and what value I could potentially bring them. It required putting together all my experience and looking at my professional future in terms of further development, my personal and professionals goals, and finally to understand what drives me forward.

The tool called by GE Hunter ‘Activate your driving power’ helped me a lot in answering some crucial questions and inspired me by structuring my thoughts.”

House of Talent – how it works? Joanna Gałecka-Malczyk talks about how she got her dream job.

Why have you decided to entrust your career to GE Hunter?

Both in business and private life, everything is based on trust. I was happy to discover that GE Hunter experts are not only headhunters but also personal advisors helping throughout the entire recruitment process. 

What encourages my trust for them is the “beyond the market” activity, i.e. a comprehensive preparation of the candidate for the recruitment process emphasizing high self-awareness of strengths and at the same time a very broad knowledge of important people in the organization. It relates to the candidate’s ability to match the company’s environment and is a key element in the process of job change. GE Hunter initiates projects when a certain position appears on the market and they know a properly matched person who addresses customer expectations. This may mean a tedious and exhausting process but it gives great results.
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What is the House of Talent?

The House of Talent is a unique, original concept developed by GE Hunter to keep up with the most talented candidates to activate their driving power. It rests on working closely and proactively with talented individuals. We offer them guidance on the road to self-development and help them find a dream job or challenge their professional status. 

The concept consists of three steps. In the first step, the GE Hunter expert assesses the candidate to help discover one’s strengths and weaknesses. It takes a series of interviews.

GE Hunter experts get to know the candidate, trying to discover what type of organizational culture he or she will fit, letting talents thrive and achieve the next levels of leadership. 
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TRUST Concept at a glance

Our mission is to provide headhunting services tailored perfectly to Your needs. In our relationships with clients, we base on trust and confidence. That’s how we can understand the very core of the organization and prepare the strategy for making the best match for the position.

The trust is also a foundation of our relations with candidates, as they believe we find them a place to realize their passion, ambitions, and long term aspirations.

We have proven that it is an effective way of working. Our candidates go up the career ladder and stay within the companies for an average time of four years. 

Our secret weapon is the TRUST concept, an acronym for Talent, Research, Understanding, Solution, and Timing.
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Career Rescue: The most important 6 seconds in your job search

Job searching continues to change. It’s much different today than when you first started your career, and capturing attention quickly plays a big part in your success. Without a good communication strategy in place your career transition may last longer than expected, leading to one of the reasons why senior candidates get discouraged with their efforts.

According to a recent study by The Ladders, a career network for job candidates, the time recruiters spend reviewing resumes confirms what many candidates have suspected all along — a short attention span.

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Dubai among world’s top cities for high salary, disposable income after rent

Dubai: Dubai remains one of the world’s best places to go for people looking to boost their income and enjoy a better lifestyle.

The emirate has been listed among the world’s top cities for high monthly salary and disposable income in the Deutsche Bank’s Mapping the World’s Prices 2019 survey.

The emirate’s quality of life has also been rated higher compared to a number of European, US and Asian cities. And what’s more, the cost of goods and services, such as buying a new iPhone or renting a car, also comes out cheaper in Dubai.
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