December 10, 2020 GE Hunter

House of Talent – how it works? Joanna Gałecka-Malczyk talks about how she got her dream job.

Why have you decided to entrust your career to GE Hunter?

Both in business and private life, everything is based on trust. I was happy to discover that GE Hunter experts are not only headhunters but also personal advisors helping throughout the entire recruitment process. 

What encourages my trust for them is the “beyond the market” activity, i.e. a comprehensive preparation of the candidate for the recruitment process emphasizing high self-awareness of strengths and at the same time a very broad knowledge of important people in the organization. It relates to the candidate’s ability to match the company’s environment and is a key element in the process of job change. GE Hunter initiates projects when a certain position appears on the market and they know a properly matched person who addresses customer expectations. This may mean a tedious and exhausting process but it gives great results.

How GE Hunter helped you to prepare for change? 

The work on the process using the ACTIVATE YOUR DRIVING POWER model was the most difficult presentation I had to do. Days spent on my questionnaire were all hard work, which made me realize what I expect from the employer, what I am presenting myself, what I am missing and how to tell about myself so that others know all they need to “buy” me. The presentation consists of several slides on which you summarize your life, not only professional but also some private details. Although for years I have been following a conscious professional path, such an exercise allowed me to define more clearly for whom and who I want to work with. But all this is just the beginning of hard work together with GE Hunter’s advisor.

What was your goal?

My goal was to get into a company from the top 40 in the world and at the same time to a company with a specific dynamic and open communication environment. The sector wasn’t one of the most popular ones either, what’s more, during the pandemic period it was even in the lead of those to be reduced…

How GE Hunter helped you to embrace new challenges?

It has to be emphasized that the workload on both sides was comparable. Together with GE Hunter, we tried to find a company, but also a position that would meet my professional expectations. Together we tried to reach out to the decision-makers. And the pandemic period didn’t help the process. Getting the first contact alone lasted 2 months and ended, one could say, with the first small success, an invitation to an interview with GM. At first, everything was going perfectly… Until the moment when in the middle of the conversation I found out that the position for which we submitted papers is cut out. It seemed that all was over. But to my surprise, the process moved on. Eventually, it turned out that with my competencies I perfectly fit into the needs of the organization, and the position was created especially for me.

Do you think it is worth working with a professional headhunter?

Cooperation with GE Hunter certainly gave me a feeling of safety, but mostly I felt their professionalism in a way I was presented to the organization. We succeeded with me getting into the company from the top 40, on a tailor-made position. And this is what shows the value of such cooperation. Value of activating my power to drive forward my job search.

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