December 14, 2020 GE Hunter

House of Talent – how it works? Part II

Paweł Hajduga talks about his experience with GE Hunter’s House of Talent:

“Elwira Kostka from GE Hunter was very supportive when I decided to search for new job opportunities on the market.
She invited me to the House of Talent and encouraged me to think about what my future “dream company” could be.
I wrote down a list of companies that I believed I could match.

I must admit that the next step was difficult. I was supposed to understand and explain why those companies are important to me, and what value I could potentially bring them. It required putting together all my experience and looking at my professional future in terms of further development, my personal and professionals goals, and finally to understand what drives me forward.

The tool called by GE Hunter ‘Activate your driving power’ helped me a lot in answering some crucial questions and inspired me by structuring my thoughts.”

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