Dubai International Health Tourism forum

Zulekha Hospital participated in the two-day Dubai International Health Tourism (DIHTF) forum at the Madinat Jumeirah. The event brought together prominent leaders and pioneers from the public and private health and travel sectors, to create a platform for regional and global exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of healthcare and medical tourism.

During the forum, the group showcased its latest technical and clinical expertise to enhance patron experiences and provide end to end comprehensive medical tourism solutions. Zulekha also hosted an INNO robot at their stall in the forum, assisting visitors with information of the group’s services and organization as a whole.

Mr. Shams said, “Our participation in this forum aimed to develop a platform for health tourism which represents a vital approach of extending our excellent medical care standards to those in need from across the globe”. He added, “We are planning to launch a new hospital under the brand name Alexis this year which started in Nagpur 2017. The group will be introducing this brand to the UAE by investing in a 150-bed facility that will extend customized services to diverse communities globally”.

The forum itself stems from the theme of reimagining the healthcare travel experience – with the aim of merging the private health and travels sectors to create a shared community of knowledge and expertise. With a focus on the future, prominent speakers including industry experts and researchers engage in a dialogue aimed at enhancing the experience of health travel both in the UAE and worldwide.

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